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Ukraine Appeal

Help us provide mattresses for the victims in Ukraine

Thousands of victims have lost their homes. We want to help them re-build their lives.

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We stand with Ukraine and all victims of war.

We want to help the innocent victims who have been displaced by this unprovoked war.

Thousands of innocent victims have been affected by this conflict. Families have been torn apart and left without a roof over their head or basic living essentials.

Children who have been separated from their families as they evacuate are sleeping on cold floors.

Starlight Beds™ manufacture mattresses from our workshop in West Yorkshire.

We want to help provide mattresses to those amazing people and organisations helping to house these displaced women and children. We will be sending children and adult mattresses to Poland and Romania where they can be distributed to victims.

We will match every £1 donated for the first £500 to help get this campaign kickstarted.

Then, every single £1 raised will be used to help these victims to provide mattresses at manufacturing cost.

Thank you for helping us support our cause

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