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Starlight Beds Discount Codes

Why Starlight Beds don't use discount codes

Starlight Beds Discount Codes

Our direct from factory prices are the most competitive in the industry!

Starlight beds do not use discounts. Many mattress companies increase their prices to be able to offer a discount. We do not use this approach.

Instead, we use transparent pricing which is part of our company mission. We aim to make quality sleep more affordable for everyone.

We use a no retail mark-up approach 

We make every mattress to order. We then ship your mattress directly to you. The mattress if rolled and vacuum packed to reduce shipping costs. All these savings are passed onto you.

We produce cheap mattresses at a very affordable price. There is no room for discount codes. Our mattresses are so competitive, that there simply is no need for them.

So, if you came here looking for a Starlight Bed discount code, we're sorry to disappoint you. However, I'm sure you'll find a cheap mattress which is perfect for you amongst our large collection of mattresses!

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